For the Love of Coffee, Cigars, Wine, & Great Food!

Kaffa Exploration

So tomorrow morning, I set out on my “Kaffa Exploration,” in a quest to find good coffee in Sunny Tampa Bay. First, since I absolutely love food, we are headed to breakfast at Nicko’s, a Greek diner in the heart of Seminole Heights. It’s stuck in the 50s; however it’s a beautiful expression of art-or so I interpret it to be. They even have a booth dedicated to Elvis, where he once sat while visiting Tampa and where I manage to sit every single time I go. And if I don’t get my beloved booth, I whine like a baby…

While I have absolutely no idea where their coffee comes from it’s always something amazing; maybe it’s just the retro feel – it all feels quite right so the coffee MUST be right, right?

Anyways, from Nicko’s we are headed to Java and Cream in South Tampa, then on to Nola Café to sample one of history’s infamous substitutions and early traditions…Chicory coffee. I must admit, I’ve never tasted it. But I will let you know…

And so our journey begins…


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