For the Love of Coffee, Cigars, Wine, & Great Food!

Kaffa Exploration-Nicko’s 3.14.09



So as promised, my big “Kaffa Exploration” day has come along. First stop: Breakfast at Nicko’s.

Waitress: Stephanie

Coffee: Joffrey’s

Seating: The Infamous Elvis Booth, of course

So I walk in, and I am greeted by Stephanie. After a while I ask the question that’s been burning inside of me for quite some time: “Who is your coffee by?” And Stephanie replies: “Joffrey’s” I could hardly believe my ears – “REALLY?? REALLY??” For so long I’ve shunned Joffrey’s coffee, loved by others; however not my cup-o-café. I must admit, AND remain unbiased, that I enjoyed it, as I always do at Nicko’s. Stephanie calmed my hyped up repetitive one-worded questions with “We always brew our own, and it always stays so fresh.” Glad to know that! So here’s what I think (on a scale of 1-10):

Coffee: 8 – Genuinely good coffee. Cinnamon-toasted spice flavor.

Style: 9 – Nicko’s has such an artistic flair, partly because the restaurant itself has been around for some time. Preserved almost in its original form, it has created its own little niche and has come into its own with true retro charm.

Atmosphere: 10 – Service with a smile. Relationships formed with the customers as overhead sounds of Smokey Robinson’s “Tears of a Clown” fill the air.

Cleanliness: We’ll give it an 8 – Only because it’s a bit dated. But we like it that way.

Food: 9 – Has an elegant variety of Greek and American food. From breakfast to burgers to salads to sandwiches. What I ate? Classic ham, egg, cheese, and bacon omelet with a side toast  and home fries (I’m from down south; I should have also gotten a side of grits, lol). What my sidekick ate? Greek Omelet filled with onions, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, and mushrooms with a side of cuban toast. His rating: 24, and he’s an incredible chef!

Prices: 10 – Low to moderately priced good cookin’

Tucked away in historical Seminole Heights, Nicko’s has become a neighborhood favorite. The diner is filled with happy faces and warmed bellies-from first timers to regular patrons, and from take out customers to the usual fella who comes to sit at the counter and stay a while just to enjoy a friendly conversation over a cuppa Joe. And with all of life’s modern conveniences, wouldn’t we all love it if they started accepting a little plastic? I vote NO. Charm changes for no one: CASH ONLY.


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