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What’s Roasting? Toasted Cinnamon and Wild Berries!

I fell in love with El Salvador’s coffee from this past winter. Thankfully, El Salvador Organic Finca Mauritania had a rather large crop, so I bought loads of it! I experimented a little on this roast. I tried it at different levels to sample different taste characteristics. And if we all remember correctly, Jitterz Café’s Christmas Soirée brought us this very floral coffee with a bit natural spice: toasted cinnamon. Turns out the darker the roast, the less explosion of that incredibly smooth cinnamon taste. So let’s leave this one at City+ (a medium intensity).

I am discovering that more of the coffees I taste are beginning to leave me speechless. I had read about the Ethiopia Organic WP Kebado – quoted as being “thrilling.” So I ordered some for myself and roasted it at City+. The first time I tasted it, I was at work. I had just placed a business call, and the person on the other end had answered. I left them hanging…I had merely gotten a whiff of the coffee as I lifted it to my mouth. The aroma alone was exhilarating! Lemony citrus scents took over my nose, and induced slight salivation; but I had to force myself back to the task at hand, or at least momentarily…THE PHONE CALL! I made it quick and hung up FAST!

The last time I tasted coffee with flavor this intense was months ago and it was only a sample of the Kenyan Peaberry (a peaberry is a rare type of coffee bean; instead of splitting into two flat berries as we commonly know it, the cherry forms one oval-shaped berry/bean, therefore giving it a highly intensified explosion of flavor). Since I had prepared the Ethiopia Kebado in my french press, I thought it would be ok if I played coffee connoisseur for a few minutes. Slurp…GUZZLE (wait, I’m not supposed to guzzle, but I did). Roll to the back of my tongue….MMMMM!! The aftertaste was very pleasing and still very flavorful. Light honey, wild berries, lemony citrus all in one cup, and as it cools it’s something reminiscent of a light summer drink to complete your day of sandy beaches and flip-flops. Good to the last drop!


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