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Kaffa Exploration – Java & Cream 3.14.09

Java & Cream Coffe, Ice Cream, and Bakery

Java & Cream Coffe, Ice Cream, and Bakery

In the cozy Davis Island community, you’ll find a quaint dog-friendly café called Java & Cream. The first thing I noticed upon entering the shop was their daily special plastered on a rendition of a steaming coffee mug. Topping the list: Tanzanian Peaberry. I was originally determined to taste only their regular brewed coffee and finish with a shot of espresso, but knowing the friendly and fruity characteristics of a peaberry, I jumped at it. Realizing their menu touted that their coffee beans are roasted fresh, I asked if they roast their beans on-site. Unfortunately, they don’t; they get it from a local roastery – “a guy named Roger.” I ordered two 12oz Tanzanian Peaberries; leave one with room for cream and sugar (my sidekick’s), one filled to the brim (mine).

Here are my ratings on a scale of 1 to 10:

Coffee: 6 – Light honey throughout and through to the aftertaste. Peach aroma; however, I think it may have been sitting on the burner a while, which may have distorted its true taste.

Style: 5 – Your average cute-n-cozy café. It is adorned by the pending warm summer breeze and set amongst a row of shoppes and restaurants. Large sidewalks under a covered area make it a great location, even on a rainy day.

Atmosphere: 9 – This café is perfect for both families and friends, or even the lonesome individual looking for somewhere to go on a quiet Saturday afternoon. Don’t forget your pup!

Cleanliness: 9

Prices: 10 – Low-priced goodies from an assortment of ice cream and fresh roasted coffee to a variety of sandwiches and wraps.

I was a bit more pleased with the atmosphere than with the coffee, but my recommendation: if you’re in Davis Island, stop by for a visit.


Kuba Cigars

Kuba Cigars

Just steps away from Java & Cream is Kuba Cigars. Doused with immaculate art, the four walls of Kuba Cigars feature a large walk in humidor, a lounge area, and an elegant list of fine wine. The dynamics of the shop combines a “love for cigars” with weekly entertainment, wine, and a “tidy list of popular beers.” If you’re looking for a good smoke somewhere other than Ybor, visit this shop someday soon.


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