For the Love of Coffee, Cigars, Wine, & Great Food!

Afternoon Devoid of Coffee…Window of Opportunity!!

So it’s mid-afternoon and I’ve only had about a cup and a half of coffee (people have this misconception that since I eat, sleep, and breathe coffee that I must consume like 12 cups a day…). HOWEVER, all I can seem to think about is drinking more! And not only because I’m hella sleepy, but because I’ve got like 6 bags of freshly roasted coffee that I am supposed to ship out today, and they are sitting right behind me in my office, and all I can smell is creamy chocolately coffee! MMMM!!! You walk in and it smells like a small coffee shop – LOL. See you soon, I am going to go fix myself another cup of that Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley (in my french press of course) – YUM!


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