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Surprise Coffee From BaristaOnDutY

So I’ve been reviewing some Vietnamese coffees from, and I was excited to see that there was a surprise coffee for me to review – no label or anything. So I’ve decided instead of testing it and telling you about it, we should find out the surprise together. c(_) Cheers! *Clank*

I am going to play with this in the roaster and give you a full review soon!

Suggested Preparation: Wait & See!



One response

  1. Forgot To Mention, So Yes It’s Vietnamese Caphe Screen Size 16, Also It’s Unpolished, That’s Why So Many Variations In Bean Look. Leaving The Bean Unpolished Is Supposed To Help With Keeping Bean Stay Fresher Also It A Lil Cheaper Than Polished Because It Goes Through Less Processing. Also Will Notice Lots Of Shaft During Roasting, Typical Vietnamese Beans R Used For Commercial Blending So You Never See Or Hear About Most Vietnamese Coffee. Congrats On The 1st Formal Single Origin Vietnamese Coffee Review To My Knowledge, Can’t Wait To Hear What U Come Up With!

    October 9, 2010 at 3:45 PM

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