For the Love of Coffee, Cigars, Wine, & Great Food!

About My Confessions


Why Did @CoffeeKween Start This Blog?

I wanted to educate the average coffee consumer on quality coffee and the dynamics and history of the amazing journey of the coffee bean. I became tired of a commercialized version of what coffee should be. “Um, excuse me; I will take my coffee…Stale. Burnt. Half and Half. Three Splenda. Shot of Espresso. Whipped on top…Slim…” ?!?! Sounds like creamy charcoal to me. So we’ve bought in to SBUXs over-commercialization fueled by monthly Mommy-n-Me meetings on their patio with our closest girlfriends.

I had bought in to this as well, walking away with the illusion of “great” coffee, which could have thwarted the reason for my very existence. Or perhaps thrusted me into my true calling? Now a coffee enthusiast, a coffee roaster, and an aspiring Coffee Aficionado, I intend to educate coffee consumers on both the simple pleasures of good coffee and deep indulgence into its culture of art, entertainment, and sexy seduction.

The Jitterz Café Concept

Jitterz Café is a special interest coffee club that embodies the culture of coffee, art, cigars, wine, music, decadent food selections, and premier entertainment intertwined within a socialite atmosphere. Each Jitterz event features freshly roasted coffee, which is roasted the same day, a day prior, or two days prior to the event (depending on the natural characteristics of the coffee bean). Jitterz Café services the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg/Clearwater areas.

The Jitterz Café Mission

Jitterz Café’s mission is to embrace and combine the elements and history of the coffee culture along with the elements and history of our local cultures. Jitterz Café’s ultimate goal is to offer the true taste of freshly roasted coffee to its coffee, cigar, wine and life enthusiasts while surrounding them with an artistic and cultural ambiance that expresses the true art of coffee. Our mission is to create this atmosphere within the heart of Tampa – to intertwine the art of coffee, history, enthusiasm, and Tampa’s cultural beauty.