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Coffee + Cigar Pairings

*Coffee & cigar pairings are rated on a 5 bean scale.

May 2011 Pick of the Month! BaristaOnDutY Light Roast Vietnamese R16 + Perdomo Lot 23 Belicoso: I fired up the Light Roast R16, and much to my surprise, after a few months of rest I was greeted with elements of caramel, raisin, and wine – almost like a nice pinotage or syrah. Different from the woodsy, tobacco-like qualities I had experienced upon fresh roast, this coffee still had some mind-blowing characteristics. Perdomo Lot 23 Belicoso, a mild cigar with woody and sweet spice notes, complimented this coffee so well. For as little as $4.95, you can enjoy this torpedo for about 30-45 minutes along with a sweet caramelly, light roasted Vietnamese Caphe R16


BaristaOnDutY Vietnamese R16 + La Gloria Cubana Churchill 7×50 NT: The Light Roast Vietnamese R16, features woodsy, tobacco and molasses scents highlighted by Asian spice, soft caramel, sweet raisin, and plum. The cup profile announced licorice, smoked wood, and some dark fruit! A few days of rest, and this coffee boldly expresses dark plum, berries, caramel, and honey. The caramel and cocoa-like La Gloria Cubana Churchill 7×50 NT is ideal for a breezy evening on the lake. A vibrancy that lasts a little over an hour, this smooth, earthy cigar perfectly compliments the Light Roast R16. Welcome to Raging Brews: The Smokehouse.

Ethiopia Sidamo + Rocky Patel Edge Maduro: I recently roasted Ethiopia Dry-Process Haile Selassie Sidamo whose aroma was intense honey, sweet plum, and berries. Its taste profile was sweet berries accentuated by dark chocolate. It was incredibly fruity, was balanced and had medium body and medium acidity. The perfect cigar pairing for this is the Rocky Patel Edge, Maduro which is an incredibly smooth, full bodied cigar. Many times coffee can be overpowered by the taste of a cigar. But this Ethiopia Sidamo holds its own throughout the duration of the cigar.