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Question of the Day: Cream & Sugar?

QOTD 5/16/11: “I really can’t drink my coffee black – I have to have cream and sugar!”

JC Answers: No worries! If you’re looking for a different and better coffee experience, trying a fresh roasted coffee that features some of your fave taste profiles can enhance your “black coffee” experience. Additionally, try fresh roasted coffees as a latte or cappuccino – that way you get a great new coffee without totally bumping the milk and sugar. Photo Credit: Gevon Knox

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Am I Addicted?

Just Eat The Beans

Just Eat The Beans

Am I addicted to coffee? I like to call it passionate. Here I am, no coffee, constantly thinking of it…My body already going through sleepy spells and body aches – Am I REALLY addicted to caffeine, NOT  coffee?? Constantly fiddling and knocking things over like a helpless drunk, going cold turkey is NOT how to pull yourself off of the coffee habit. Actually, I don’t intend to stop at all, I JUST ACCIDENTALLY LEFT MY COFFEE HOME, and I REFUSE to drink “office coffee.”  So for the next hour and a half I will just keep up with the random arm scratches, neck twitches, back spasms, and completely crazy daydreams that remind me I’ve slipped into a work coma until I make it to my front door, and the hero’s theme music begins to play. Yes I will sprint to my kitchen cupboards (read below), rip the package of coffee open, and relentlessly chew those coffee beans! Yes I said chew, no time for brewing.

I am not addicted…I am passionately crazy about coffee.

Morning Devoid of Coffee…

So last Friday I was trying to stray away from overloading on coffee. This morning I grabbed my 3 cup french press, packed my lunch and was so excited…until I got to work. I left my fresh roasted Yemeni coffee home!!!! Now the question is do I break down and have “break room” coffee, or do I wait for that glorious moment this afternoon, when I break through the front door of my house, sprint to the kitchen, grind my coffee, and sip up?

I think I will wait…maybe I’ll play theme music just before I bust down the door.