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MEAN Chicken -N- Waffles with BODY

So last week I checked in on BaristaOnDutY’s Authentic Vietnamese 16 Med/Dark Roasted Coffee. It’s a great coffee that has a wide range of opportunity while appealing to many people’s preferences :D. In the dry aroma, I got syrupy, tussin and hazelnut scents. I was both anxious and curious to get a swirl in my mouth. I broke the crust to experience the deep scents this coffee has to offer – which is basically getting your face really close to the cup, puncturing the wet, ground crust with a spoon, and dragging it to the back of the cup – all while you deeply inhale the aroma. The wet aroma released scents of licorice as well as a big jolt of dark berries – plum and raspberries – FREGGIN AMAZING!

Tasting! A smoky cup that has a graceful softness to it. The mouthfeel is very velvety and smooth. Very balanced with medium acidity. *Side Note – what is acidity? Not to be confused with an unpleasant sourness, acidity in coffee is a positive brightness experienced in the cup – the dryness, pleasant snap or tartness with a soft sweetness it leaves at the back of your palate after each sip.*

Ok, back to the task at hand – judging by the aroma of this coffee, you would expect a cup with much darker notes; however, you’re approached with a very balanced cup with a mix of smoke and honey. This coffee can definitely be enjoyed each and every day. I even enjoyed it with a handful of cranberries today – Yummy for my tummy *AND my tongue!*

Suggested Preparation & Grind: Pourover (slightly coarse to fine grind), French Press (coarse grind), Vietnamese Phin Filter (fine grind) The grind featured here was a bit finer and was prepared in a pourover.

Now for the really fun part!!! Food Pairings? I think it would pair very well with a honey-glazed crispy crab wonton. Enjoy it iced. Perhaps a caramel dessert. Show it off to your friends. And FINALLY – ever had chicken & waffles?? GOD, get some with this coffee, but make sure the chicken is CRISPY as hell and glazed with honey. Café Dufrain in Tampa, FL is a place by the water on Harbour Island. Their chicken & waffles would be succulent with this coffee!

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Sensual Mystery: Ethiopia Limu from BaristaOnDutY

This coffee is like Heaven in a cup…No, LITERALLY. It’s loaded with so many flavors – honey, butternut, jasmine, toasted macadamia. It’s a very floral and sweet coffee, but has such an unexpected collaboration of flavors and intriguing twists. This coffee has been around for quite some time and has always been raved about. I was so happy when I found out that BaristaOnDutY had sent some to me.

You may question what’s going on in the cup. Is it my taste buds or the coffee?? It’s so sweet and floral but very rustic and woodsy. The dry aroma made me chuckle a bit to myself – glad to smell something so pleasing: sweetened nuts, honey, and peach. The wet aroma released soft scents of banana, honey, jasmine and honeysuckle – an aroma that definitely brought me back to my childhood of picking honeysuckles and experiencing soft, elegant flavors against my tongue.

The taste of this coffee was like a playground experience: butternut, apricot, an explosion of honey, a short, dry finish, winey accents. It played with my emotions in good way. Further along in the cup, the soft jasmine aroma from before meets my tongue and excites me once again. About halfway through – SMACK! Toasted macadamia nut – well where the heck did this come from?? But I like it! A little later, more floral tastes arrive and lasts throughout the duration of the cup.

This was such a pleasurable experience – it’s easy to be taken by surprise with this coffee; however, don’t let it confuse you. Let the element of surprise share an all too intriguing melody with you. Experience this coffee any day at any time, and your mouth – and heart will smile.

Suggested Preparation: French Press, Coarse Grind

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Raging Brews: Vietnamese Caphe by BODY (BaristaOnDutY)

The Vietnamese Caphe is such an incredible coffee, it’s ridiculous. Its atypical shape, aroma, and taste qualities made me keep by nose deep into the beans for the majority of the tasting. Provided by (@BaristaOnDutY), this coffee’s dry whole bean aroma was a collaboration of several scents: onions, spice, tobacco, leather, smoked wood chips, grassy. Its ground dry aroma is where we experienced more of the sweeter scents like caramel and soft floral accents. The wet aroma (immersing in water) – Oh My God – intense tobacco & molasses was very apparent. We also got hints of sweet raisin, plum and more of that caramel – but also a smoked wood.

So we finally get to taste: winey, licorice, tobacco & cigar accents, would be great for espresso, a very clean finish. About halfway through, all of the dry and wet aromas along with the upfront tastes blend together very well and are quite pleasurable!

The Beans: The beans were actually quite small in comparison to the average bean. Interestingly enough, the texture of the beans were both smooth and rigid and had a color variation of both dark and light.  These unique traits give it character and an unconventional beauty.

Pairs Well With: A light cigar, A rich chocolate dessert

What to look for soon: best preparation methods (espresso, drip, French Press, phin filter)

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Am I Addicted?

Just Eat The Beans

Just Eat The Beans

Am I addicted to coffee? I like to call it passionate. Here I am, no coffee, constantly thinking of it…My body already going through sleepy spells and body aches – Am I REALLY addicted to caffeine, NOT  coffee?? Constantly fiddling and knocking things over like a helpless drunk, going cold turkey is NOT how to pull yourself off of the coffee habit. Actually, I don’t intend to stop at all, I JUST ACCIDENTALLY LEFT MY COFFEE HOME, and I REFUSE to drink “office coffee.”  So for the next hour and a half I will just keep up with the random arm scratches, neck twitches, back spasms, and completely crazy daydreams that remind me I’ve slipped into a work coma until I make it to my front door, and the hero’s theme music begins to play. Yes I will sprint to my kitchen cupboards (read below), rip the package of coffee open, and relentlessly chew those coffee beans! Yes I said chew, no time for brewing.

I am not addicted…I am passionately crazy about coffee.

Morning Devoid of Coffee…

So last Friday I was trying to stray away from overloading on coffee. This morning I grabbed my 3 cup french press, packed my lunch and was so excited…until I got to work. I left my fresh roasted Yemeni coffee home!!!! Now the question is do I break down and have “break room” coffee, or do I wait for that glorious moment this afternoon, when I break through the front door of my house, sprint to the kitchen, grind my coffee, and sip up?

I think I will wait…maybe I’ll play theme music just before I bust down the door.

Afternoon Devoid of Coffee…Window of Opportunity!!

So it’s mid-afternoon and I’ve only had about a cup and a half of coffee (people have this misconception that since I eat, sleep, and breathe coffee that I must consume like 12 cups a day…). HOWEVER, all I can seem to think about is drinking more! And not only because I’m hella sleepy, but because I’ve got like 6 bags of freshly roasted coffee that I am supposed to ship out today, and they are sitting right behind me in my office, and all I can smell is creamy chocolately coffee! MMMM!!! You walk in and it smells like a small coffee shop – LOL. See you soon, I am going to go fix myself another cup of that Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley (in my french press of course) – YUM!